How to boost your turnover thanks to videos?

In the business world, various factors contribute to attracting and retaining customers. In turn, these factors also contribute to increasing, stabilizing or decreasing sales. Not least among them is the quality of customer interactions. In this respect, it is generally recommended to ensure that regular communication with customers is maintained, regardless of the field of activity in which one operates.

Apart from written exchanges, through social networks, or spoken exchanges, by telephone, another form of communication relies on videos. Which videos can help boost sales? How can they be produced and published? Whether you're in the restaurant, real estate, automotive or retail industries, follow Cheeky!

A video showing your entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurship is a concept that integrates a multitude of elements characteristic of your business. The first of these is of course the atmosphere that prevails. Is it friendly? Is there a cordial relationship between superiors and subordinates? Then there is the daily workflow and working conditions.

Does the secretary have her own office, just like the heads of departments? Is information about the company properly communicated to everyone? All of these details can be translated into a video in which employees talk to their superiors at break time, for example, around the same table that everyone shares for lunch. The effect at the customer level is that the customers will see through the video a company whose employees are fulfilled, which will inspire confidence.

A video of a customer submitting a concern

To convince a potential future customer, nothing is more impactful than to show him how people who have already solicited your products or services before him are treated. Let's imagine that you are in the field of Internet services for example. One of your customers wishing to buy a domain name available a few days earlier is refused because another has already purchased the domain before him.

The disappointed customer then approaches you to better understand what happened. The way in which this situation is handled, the calm and pedagogical approach of the customer relations manager can all contribute to giving your company a local image. So what could be better than filming a similar sequence and showing it to prospects?

How to produce and publish your videos?

Making videos

You can use your own devices, including the high-performance smartphones on the market today, to film footage that showcases your business. However, using a professional may be more appropriate, particularly because of the angle and quality of the shots, but also because of the details that can be corrected during editing before publication.

Publishing corporate videos

Today, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks have become the best places to stay in touch with your customers through videos.

All you have to do is choose your targets carefully, and you're sure to hit the bull's eye! However, it should be noted that television still retains a certain notoriety. You can therefore choose channels with a large audience and show your videos on them.

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