Family holidays: what effects on your children?

Overwhelmed by work, some parents don't want to take a few days off. However, you should know that going on a family vacation is very important for your children. It will also be good for you. Find out why a vacation is essential for your little ones.

Holidays are good for your children's development!

Going on holiday with your children helps develop their brain capacity.

If they stay at home during the holidays, not only will they get bored, but it will also have a negative impact on their brains. On vacation, thanks to the discovery activities in which they will participate, their cognitive abilities will be awakened. The new environment in which they will be immersed will also stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Holidays are stress-free!

It's not only adults who experience stress. Children also have moments of anxiety.

With lessons to learn, homework to complete, household chores at home, conflicts... going on holiday can only be good for them. It's essential for their mental health. The ideal is to choose a destination in a natural environment.

Indeed, nature is soothing. It reduces stress.

Holidays strengthen family ties!

With the hectic pace of daily life, the moments when the family spends time together are limited. Some parents even finish late at night and by the time they get home, their children are already in bed. This means that there are few opportunities to communicate and laugh together.

This is another reason why family holidays are important. They allow you to renew family ties thanks to activities practiced together: walks in the forest, family kayaks, fishing, etc.

Holidays are also beneficial for parents!

It's not just your children who need to go on holiday. You too, take advantage of these few days or weeks to forget about work and relax. Camping holidays are particularly suitable for families.

These days, campsites have a lot of fun facilities to make your stay more enjoyable. For example, while your children enjoy sliding down the slides, you can relax by the swimming pool. Some campsites even have clubs that can accommodate children so that parents can relax in peace and quiet. These clubs organise a wide range of activities to keep your little ones entertained.

How to leave on a small budget?

Holidays are a must for your children and for you too.

But you should also be aware that it is a source of major expenses. So that you can treat yourself to an unequalled moment of relaxation as a family without exploding your budget, it is necessary to organize yourself well in advance. You don't have to plan a holiday abroad to be able to spend time with your family. There is no shortage of French destinations.

You can treat yourself to a trip to Corsica, Brittany, the Landes, the French Riviera, etc. Have you decided to go on holiday in another country? For travel on a low budget, destinations such as Portugal, Greece and Malta are more accessible.

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