Experts reveal that watching movies has health benefits

If you are part of the group of people who feel that going to the movies is a form of therapy, know that you are probably more certain than you thought. Experts in the field of psychology have done various studies to better understand the effects that movie watching has on the human brain and the results are very surprising. The connection between movies and human cognitive and emotional structures seems closer than you thought, and the benefits of this practice for our health can be effectively worth highlighting. Did you know that watching movies can be beneficial to your health? So, come and learn about the experts' explanations of the benefits of cinema for your body and well-being.

The relationship between movies and healthIf

you're looking forward to them, you can justify this enthusiasm by resorting to science.Experts in the field of psychology have been associating, through various studies, the viewing of films to the improvement of mood, the creation of better attention capacities and the reduction of focus-related disorders.Still seen as strong motivators, films have been associated with the treatment of some psychological disorders, being seen as elements capable of putting us in an altered state of consciousness, something similar to hypnosis, allowing the emergence of new issues and resolutions for everyday problems.

Help in reducing anxiety has proven that watching films promotes stress relief and can alleviate depressive situations. The

application of

Filmtherapy The concept of Filmtherapy (Cinematerapia, in Portuguese) refers to the use of films in patients with psychological disorders. The intention of this method is precisely to use the film as a way to induce an altered state of consciousness, which promotes the improvement of certain psychological disorders.Many psychologists have adopted these methods in their sessions, to try to help their patients to work on issues related to the perception of conflicts and the recognition of situations.The search for emotional balance is another of the advantages that specialists find in the use of films for the treatment of psychological disorders.

The role of film characters When

watching the film, it is natural for the patient to create empathy with the characters they present. Through the character, he is brought to know new dynamics, situations and solutions.

This encounter with a new reality - simultaneously close and distant, allows the creation of structures of analysis that allow the patient to reflect on his own life. Thus, when we get excited about cinema and feel the call for the most awaited films of 2019, we are in fact promoting our well-being and even our mental health. Of course, there are still many questions about the effective benefits that films can have, and the clinical community is divided on this issue. Even so, in case of doubt, why not continue to watch films and accept the immediate well-being that they always carry with them?.

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