Brazilian movements for sustainability

The sustainability of our world is a major concern of the 21st century. Awareness of the impact of human action on the planet has raised several questions, not only regarding the very state of nature (with the melting of glaciers or the extinction of animal and plant species) but also regarding the very capacity of human survival in the face of the damage caused on Earth. Of course, all these issues have generated an international environmental wave, which manifests itself in individual, political and organizational actions.Several countries have signed agreements, developed and applied sustainability strategies and created real lines of awareness using traditional media and also digital media.Although many organizations and people have mobilized to create a more sustainable world, the truth is that only recently the same concern has begun to be felt by large corporations and brands.Today, we will look at the Brazilian example, trying to understand how Brazil is treading this path towards a more sustainable world. The

Brazilian action for sustainabilityBrazil

has followed the example of the world in the search for a more sustainable planet.

This change of mentality is very present in the way its industries begin to explore new formulas for the management of the activity, in order to increase the recycling of products and waste, reuse its resources and reduce the consumption of certain polluting materials. The application of new industrial processes to safeguard the environment goes beyond these concepts. Today, the application of this concept in Brazilian stores and markets is also beginning to become a reality. This notion clearly points to reduction, reuse and recycling.

but it goes further, including an analysis of needs, a refusal of unnecessary goods and even the composting of natural products.In addition to the industrial, corporate and commercial variant, the Brazilian media structures themselves have played a role in denouncing situations that are harmful to the environment, alerting to the need to change routines that have the potential to harm the planet. Strongly adopting the concept of sustainability, Brazil has clearly and assertively sought to join the international movement for the improvement of social and environmental conditions.

Sustainability: what can be done at an individual levelThe

media pressure for a more sustainable world has been very important to generate in the Brazilian population a greater awareness of the human impact on the environment. This awareness has caused various habits of Brazilians to change, both in terms of consumption and daily life. The number of vegans and vegetarians has tended to increase in Brazil, as well as the demand for products (such as cosmetics, for example) that are not tested on animals or have compounds of animal origin.Furthermore, the reuse of products and the recycling of plastics, glass and paper is also an increasingly common reality in the lives of families in Brazil.

Although it may seem somewhat reductive, the truth is that these small individual changes may, in the long run, be central to sustainability.

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